Joseph II

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Joseph II, companion to Marie Antoinette, is from the California era of Muriel Joseph George's career.  This piece is often shown with Marie Antoinette.  Both depict the detailed and elegant creations of Muriel and feature the delicate, porcelain lace.  This piece has minimal damage, with just a small piece missing on the second ruffle from the right. There is gold edging visible on the two left ruffles and a tiny bit of gold showing on the ruffle to the right. For a piece that is almost 70 years old, it is amazing to see it intact.  He has a small chip of gold missing just under his left hand.  There is an appropriate amount of crazing for its age, black hairbow on the back is intact and the name label in good condition.  He sells for $60 plus our flat rate shipping to anywhere in the continental US.  Please see the photos and check out his companion piece which is available at this time elsewhere on the site.  Thanks for looking.