Vintage Josef Originals has exciting news -- announcing the addition of “Vintage Josef Originals” to our website.  With the ever growing popularity of the Josef Originals line, we are anxious to share the superb workmanship and creativity of Muriel Joseph George with our customers.  After purchasing an extensive collection, we hope you will enjoy seeing some of Muriel’s finest work “up close and personal.”  Hundreds of designs were produced from the mid 1940s to 1985, when the rights to the Josef Originals figurines were sold to the Applause Company, with no new designs being made.  

Figurines in this vintage section will be sold on a first come, first serve basis reserves the right to continue to use the photograph for reference value after the piece is sold.  The book price is from the 3rd Edition of Josef Originals by Jim and Kaye Whitaker and Dee Harris and is reflective of a piece in perfect condition and is to be used only as a guideline.  With the current economic conditions and relatively soft “collectible” market, prices are more accurately determined by customer demand.  Take a look…we hope you will enjoy a glimpse of the history of Josef Originals.