Josef Originals


The commemorative Josef Originals keepsake collection that grows with you through the years. Each beautifully crafted Josef Original Figurine is inspired by an original design by artist Muriel Joseph George, who created Josef Originals in 1945. Each of these figures is faithfully created with utmost attention to authenticity, including the detailed ceramic construction and 24K gold paint for character accents.



Josef New Baby Doll  "Now she's here for all to see, the newest of the family! Small and sweet she's heaven- sent for us alone she was meant." Beginning the collection, the 3" piece is dressed in pink with a hairbow, holding her rattle and the gold accents include the words "new baby" written on the hem of her dress.  Start your doll collection today with the purchase of a Josef Original Figurine New Baby Doll!




Josef One Year Doll - "Tiny fingers, tiny toes, a rosebud mouth and button nose. Life for her has just begun. Our little angel's just turned ONE." Dressed in a delicate blue dress and proudly holding her number one, this doll stands 3" high.  A wonderful year one josef originals figurine doll.




Josef Two Year Doll -"Kitten, puppy, butterfly. . .learning all their names. Picture books and toddler's games…when you're TWO the world's brand new!" Clutching her favorite teddy bear, the 2 year doll is 3 ¼" high and is dressed in coral with a gold hairbow.  An excellent Josef Originals birthday angel!




Josef Three Year Doll - "Running, talking, growing fast, changing every day! At THREE you're mommy's pride and joy and you'll always stay that way!" Dressed in yellow and carrying a gold trimmed basket, this Josef birthday figurine doll stands 3 ½".




Josef Four Year Doll - "At four our baby sees the world with giggles and delight! She's a busy little person from morning until night." This 3 ½" josef originals doll carries a watering can and is dressed in lavender




Josef Five Year Doll - "She's big enough for ABC's now that she's FIVE years old. But this caring little girl is still small enough to hold." Wearing a yellow dress and carrying her ABC book, the five josef originals figurine doll stands 3 ¾".




Josef Six Year Doll - "On this day we wish for her lots of yummy birthday treats. Cake & ice cream cause this SIX year-old's so sweet." Number seven doll is 4" high and holds her baby doll in a josef figurine chartreuse dress.




Josef Seven Year Doll - "Playing dolls and climbing trees. Pretty dresses. Banged up knees. A little sugar, lots of spice! Being SEVEN's very nice!" This pretty gal is holding her baby doll in a chartreuse dress and stands 4" tall.  Another wonderful Josef Original Figurine.




Josef Eight Year Doll - "Yesterday you were so small, now our baby's growing tall! Getting smarter every day. You're EIGHT years old and on your way!" This 4 ½" birthday figurine doll's dress is golden yellow and carries her sunbonnet.




Josef Nine Year Doll - "She's just turned NINE. A little girl who's loved so very much. To celebrate her specialness one day a year is not enough." Dressed as pretty as a princess in a blue dress, complete with magic wand and gold crown, she stands 5" tall.  A wonderful josef original figurine for your collection.




Josef Ten Year Doll - "She's TEN today! A girl who's bright and pretty and sunny. She has a smile for everyone. Knowing her is lots of fun!" Number five holds a gold book and wears a coral pink dress and is 5" high.  This josef originals doll is great!




Josef Eleven Year Doll - "Not a child and not a grown-up yet. But a lady in the making and a lovely one, we bet." She's ready to sew with her embroidery and needle in hand. The eleven doll stands 5 ¾" high and is dress in dark mauve with a gold bow.  How fast our Josef Original Figurines are growing...




Josef Twelve Year Doll - "The world's a magic place so much to see and do. You're not a child nor a teen, but the individual is coming through." Looking pretty as a picture with her hand mirror and dressed in light pink, the josef original doll stands 5 ¾" tall.




Josef Thirteen Year Doll - You've reached your teens, you're now THIRTEEN, you've grown up so fast. Parties, friends and new horizons-moments made to last." The new teenager stands 6" tall, dressed in yellow complete with her own telephone.  An excellent Birthday Figurine for your new teenage gal.




Josef Fourteen Year Doll - "You sparkle like a diamond. A rare and precious jewel. And in FOURTEEN years we've known no one as wonderful as you! In a mauve dress with a blue parasol, the fourteen josef originals birthday doll stands 6" tall.




Josef Fifteen Year Doll "You bring warmth and sunshine with your special ways. May all your birthday dreams come true as you turn FIFTEEN today." The doll is 6" tall, dressed in light pink and carries a gift wrapped package.




Josef Sixteen Year Doll - "Here's a wish for happy times, sunny skies and rainbows, too. You're sweet SIXTEEN-a special time-and nothing's too good for you! Dressed in aqua, she carries a bouquet of flowers and stands 6" tall.  A a beautiful josef original sweet 16 doll for your special gal.




Josef Seventeen Year Doll - "Every day holds new delights at SEVENTEEN years old. And every day you become more delightful to behold."Number seventeen josef originals dolls is dressed in golden yellow, carries a stringed instrument and stands 61/2"




Josef Eighteen Year Doll - "You're EIGHTEEN quite a woman, now with lots of plans to make. The future, bright and promising, is there for you to take." A light green dress and a fan compliment this 6 ½" birthday figurine doll.




Josef Nineteen Year Doll - "You're about to leave the teenage world behind; time to venture out in to the world-what treasures you will find." At 6 ½", she's dressed in light pink and holds a bird.




Josef Twenty Year Doll - "All your future dreams are starting to come true. Now it's time to spread your wings and see what you can do!" The twenty josef doll is dressed in light blue holding her sunbonnet and stands 6 ½" tall.




Josef Twenty-One Year Doll - "At five and ten and sixteen, too, and all the years between, she's grown sweeter with each one. Now our baby's TWENTY ONE!" Carrying her special gift tied in gold, the last doll is this special collection wears lavender and is 6 ¾" tall.  A brilliant doll to cap off your josef originals figurine collection!




Quinceanera Doll - 6 inches tall- "For 14 years you've been a girl, now at 15 the women blossoms." Today's ceremonies embrace religious traditions, and the virtues of family and social responsibility. The custom is a celebration of the young girl (la Quinceanera), and a recognition of her journey from childhood to maturity. The celebration highlights God, family, friends, music, food, and dance.  A very special collectible josef original doll.




Josef Wedding Dolls - Now ready for immediate shipment are the Bride and Groom figurine and the Ring Bearer and Flower Girl pieces. The Josef Originals  Bride and Groom piece stands 7 1/2 " tall , the happy couple are all ready for the big day. This can also be used for a cake topper and will make a perfect addition to the Josef Birthday Doll collection (retails at $36). Ring Bearer and Flower Girl…..This two piece set completes the Bridal Part with each piece standing 4 ¼ inches ..(retails at $26). Save by ordering the Complete Bridal Party Special includes the Bride/Groom, Ring Bearer and Flower Girl and retails at $55.  Have you ever seen a better Bride & Groom?  Exclusively from Josef Originals.