Josef Dolls History


Josef Dolls History:

Josef Originals Birthday Dolls first originated in the mid to late-1940's as Muriel Joseph George designed these creative dolls during the end of World War II. Muriel began designing these dolls to express her love for children, families, animals, and more. Her first designs were produced between 1945 and 1962 in California before moving the manufacture of the dolls to Japan for economic reasons.

In 1982, Muriel entered retirement and sold the company to then partner, George Good. Production of Joseph Dolls continued between 1982 and 1985 before the sale of the company to Southland Corporation (more recently known as Applause). In 2004, the company again changed ownership from Applause to Dakin who began to manufacture the dolls in Hong Kong. Today, these dolls continue to be produced out of this same overseas facility.

Although the original Josef line was hundreds of items, most recent production has centered on birthday dolls, birthstone dolls and some special occasion dolls such as first communion, confirmation, sweet 16, bride and groom, and a few musical pieces. Current production plans are even more limited;  the birthday dolls between newborn and twenty one, and most recently, the bride/groom, ring bearer, and flower girl are the only Josef Dolls being manufactured at this time.  We hope to see additional offerings in the future.  Please sign up for our newsletter by clicking on "Join the Josef Dolls Newsletter" at the top of this page.  The very latest in new releases, specials and announcements will reach your mailbox by subscribing today!