Vintage Birthday Dolls

Which Josef Birthday Doll do you need to add to your collection?  As the popularity of these precious girls continues to grow, many second generation birthday girls are enjoying collections that were given to their moms, aunts or other special friends.  When a piece is missing, or damaged, the correct version of the figurine needs to be added.  The style, colors and look has evolved over the years, with a very different piece being created today.  When Muriel Joseph George sold the rights to her molds, and the Josef Originals name, it was with the understanding that no new pieces would be created with the name.  The molds, with continuous use, are becoming smoother with time.  Less detail also affects the painting, of which Muriel was very cognizant.  The detailed paint job was her hallmark!

There are four definite time frames with the Josef Doll Birthday Angels.  Please look at the photos of the tags for further explanation.

1.  Muriel Joseph George:  earliest dolls with white tag and pink flowers on the front.

2.  George Good Corporation:  George bought the rights to Josef Originals in 1982-83 and used a tan hangtag.

3.  Applause Corporation:  followed in the mid 1980's and continued until around the year 2000.  The hangtag was multicolored.

4.  Dakin:  bought the rights to Josef Originals when Applause went out of business, sometime around 2000. Dakin product has the pink heart hangtag, which is still used today. 

Is this an accurate way to date your figurines? Not necessarily, as the tags can often end up on a piece that it doesn't belong to, but the tags are one way to try and determine which era of Birthday Dolls you have or need.  There will be more info added to this section shortly, so check back again soon!  Should you need a vintage piece that is not listed, please email us at and we will be in touch with you to assist with your Josef Doll collection.