Graduation Angel in Pink Stamp Box

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 From the 1960-1962 era, the Graduation Angel in Pink Stamp Box is one of the earlier creations of Muriel Joseph George.  This piece features a removable top revealing a box that one could store stamps (or any little items) in.  She stands 4/ 75" tall and is in pristine condition.  Listed in "Josef Originals A Second Look" (1996) by Jim and Kaye Whitaker on page 86, she is valued at $45-55. 

Additional information....Muriel Joseph George also created a boy version by the same name "Graduation Angel Stamp Box."  He is a beautiful angel dressed in....yes, PINK!  I am amazed that the artist would include a pink version for a boy...but she did.  Please watch for a listing to be added soon.  I also have seen a blue version.  It appears that these were early pieces as the "pink" boy has the ink stamp, which is an indication of the time frame.