Boy Graduate Stamp Box

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While it may seem a little strange to produce a male version of the graduation angel, Dakin, Inc. did do exactly that in 2000.  This could not have happened without the mold being available from the molds of Muriel Joseph George and the Josef Originals product line. (The agreement at the sale of her company in the mid 1980s was that there would be no new pieces made with the Josef Originals name.  All figurines were to be made from her molds.)  I have even seen the boy graduate stamp box in pink.  That I don't understand...but...this piece in blue is of the same excellent quality and would make a great gift for a preschool or kindergarten graduation.  I only have a few of them.  They have the original hangtag and box, so they will ship safely.  Why not buy one today for the next little boy graduate in your family?  He's really a cutie!