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Yvette, part of the Morning, Noon and Night series, is a vintage piece from Muriel Joseph George's early days.  While she lands in the Odd Lots and Orphans due to her repair and the breakage, she is still a cherished piece.  Yvette is most know for the gold scissors handing on her arm be a thin gold ribbon of porcelain. With this piece, the ribbon is broken, unfortunately, but the scissors are intact. All the roses are perfect as is her bonnet, which is many times chipped.  There is a moderate amount of crazing, which is totally expected with a piece this old (prior to 1962).  The gold base to the roses is still bright and intact.  She displays well from the front.  She would make a nice "place saver" in your Morning, Noon and Night collection, if you haven't found the perfect piece yet!  She is found on page 21 of the 2008 Josef Originals 3rd Edition Revised and Expanded at $80-85.  This piece has already been sold.  

Note:  Other pieces in the Morning, Noon and Night series are Charmaine, Melissa, Claudia, Juliette, Mimi, Gabrielle and Jacques.