Sylvia - Little Women

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From The Little Women series, this is Sylvia.  From the early days of Muriel's career, this California piece is breathtaking.  She includes the name label and the oval black/gold California label.  THe rose petals are all intact, and the gold accents very shiny.  How does this happen with a piece this old (potentially up to 70+years)?  These older pieces were made with a grade of porcelain that makes them very lightweight.  The bottom is incised and also has two small painted lines.  I've also seen it in red, a red v or red dots.  I wonder if it was a certain painter's ID...only a guess and another question that we'd love to ask Muriel about.  The search will go on forever...

She sells for $80 plus our flat rate shipping to anywhere in the continental US.  Thanks for looking!