Mary Ann - gray

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Lovely Mary Ann, dressed in her blue/gray dress and matching hat, is enjoying the peppermint stick that she got at the market with her Mama.  They often dress alike and are the darlings of the town!  Well, I guess that's how I see it...Muriel really had a fashion sense.  This blue/gray color is gorgeous.  The striped candy bag is clutched tightly in her other hand...what a treat to pick out candy at the market!  Her dress is smocked in gold on the bodice, with gold trimmed collar and buttons.  She is in excellent condition and includes the oval black/gold Josef Originals California label, the name label and the ink stamp on the bottom.  I also see the 2.50 handwritten on the bottom and wonder what store keeper back in the 1950-1960s sold her for that price.  Amazing.  I'm selling her for $70 with free shipping to anywhere in the continental US.  Thanks for looking and indulging in my story's fun to think about how these beautiful creations were accepted and enjoys years and years ago.