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One of Muriel Joseph George's early pieces manufactured in California is "Mama."  There were several styles and a couple of color versions.  This "Mama" stands 7 1/2" tall and is 3 1/2" at the base.  Interestingly, the fold foil name label says "Mamma."  It is very clearly shown in the photos.  I find no mention of it spelled "Mamma" in any of the reference materials.  This is the pink version and she also came in gray.  She is in excellent shape with minor crazing upon very close examination.  Please see the closeup is slight and expected with a piece of this age.  The California gold/black label dates it 1945-1962.  "Mamma" is in pristine condition.  All versions of "Mama" in the Josef Originals 3rd Edition by Jim and Kaye Whitaker and Dee Harris are listed at $150-160.