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Calculated at Checkout the Happiness Is series, is one of the most popular of the series.  She's ready to serve you up a glass on a hot summer day.  In excellent condition, Lemonade includes the original oval gold/black Josef Originals label and ink stamp on the bottom.  She sells for $60 plus our flat rate shipping to anywhere in the continental US.  Give her a new home with you!  Thanks for looking!


HAPPINESS IS series includes 12 (or more) pieces, some have been identified with names, a few are a descriptive identification.  Listed in the 1996 Josef Originals A Second Look by Jim and Kaye Whitaker are nine of the pieces:

Dressing Up Like Mother

Bread and Butter


New Crayons

A New Puppy


Mud Puddles


Mud Pies


Others from other editions show Boy in Bed with Puppy, Boy in Tent with Puppy, Strawberry Shortcake, Girl Playing the Piano.  Is this the complete collection?  Wish we could verify it with Muriel Joseph George!