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One of Muriel Joseph George's most cherished collections is the Housekeepers.  Each depicts a chore when you "keep house."  The entire 6 pc collection is in exquisite condition.  I have never had the entire set and this one came from a private collector, who obviously cherished it, too.  Each pigtail is in place, the paint is perfect and there are no chips, dings or repairs.  The individual pieces were listed in the 2008 reference guide Josef Originals 3rd Edition, Revised and Expanded by Jim and Kaye Whitaker and Dee Harris at $60-65 each.  These pieces are worth all of that and more.  While we are not certain of dates, I would guess them easily to be from the early 1960s.  I am not going to offer these as individual pieces.  I feel the set came to me together, and it needs to stay that way.  Individual pricing would put it at $390...I will offer it at $360 plus our flat rate shipping to anywhere in the continental US.   Thanks for looking.