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This is the musical version of BESS from the Musicale series.  Shown on page 89 in the most recent reference guide by Jim and Kaye Whitaker and Dee Harris, she is listed as Fascination, which is the tune she plays.  There is no series given.  She is in excellent condition including the bow, which is often broken.  She plays clearly and steadily...like brand new.  In the reference guide mentioned previously, she is shown at $75-85.  She sells here for $85 plus our flat rate shipping to anywhere in the continental US.   


Other notes...the Musicale series (non musical) includes the following pieces:  Bess (violin), Tammy (piano..and also available in musical version as The Pianist), Penny (bass fiddle), Mandy (guitar), Robin (harp) and Bonnie (mandolin).  From my research, I only know of Tammy and Bess being made into the musical versions.