1850 Series - Blue

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An exciting offering...as this is a piece from a collection that I've never found previously.   There is only one listing for her in the most recent reference guide (2008) Josef Originals Revised and Expanded 3rd Edition by Jim and Kaye Whitaker and Dee Harris on page 134.  It is a catalog series showing all six pieces in the 1850 Series collection.

This is how the photo is described in the 2008 reference guide:

"1850 Series  In this artistry is captured the gentle grace, elegance and romance f the mid-nineteenth century....A time long ago but not forgotten. ( J-462  7 1/2")


 This piece is in the photo, but there are no names included.  The six figures are wearing elegant gowns and 5 of the 6 have bonnets.  The other colors are pink, yellow, green, lilac, red and the blue one I have for sale.  They are valued at $150 and I am offering the blue version for $125 plus our flat rate shipping charge to anywhere in the continental US.